The Collectors’ Club

Sběratelský klub | Клуб коллекционеров | Club de Coleccionistas

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Crystal Gallery, which is full of the wonderful brilliance and delicate elegance of genuine cut Czech crystal.

The unique Crystal Gallery collection presents an exclusive series of cut crystal decorations made from Czech crystal. They are characterised by the excellent quality of the material, highly original designs and the unique artistic take on the given theme.

This artistic crystal is cut like a precious stone with revolutionary 21st century technology. The brilliance, perfection and imaginativeness of the individual designs in the collection make them fascinating.

If you fill in the information in the questionnaire below, we will send you a personal certificate signed by the decoration’s designer, as well as a small crystal gift.

If you wish to continue with the registration, enter the number of the limited edition in the registration which is on the front of the answer sheet.