Iva Pasecká

Iva Pasecká

This gifted designer was born in Jablonec nad Nisou, an area which became the cradle of our internationally famous Czech crystal in the 17th century. 

She became enchanted by the magic of drawing and painting in her earliest childhood. Iva possibly inherited her love for this refined art form from the legendary Czech painter Mikuláš Aleš who was active in the 20th century and is her distant relative. 

She further developed her love of painting at the arts primary school and then at the Applied Arts Secondary School in Jablonec nad Nisou where she studied to be an engraver. 

Her successful career as a glass designer started more or less by chance in 1993 when she started work at Preciosa. 

When she had completed her maternity leave, a graphic designer’s job became available at Preciosa and she gradually began to design her first charming figures.

Glass has enchanted her all her life, mainly because of its wonderful brilliance, gleam and cleanliness and the long Czech tradition associated with it.

In the words of the designer, there is nothing nicer than looking at a piece of polished glass as it is caressed by gentle rays of sunlight.  

Iva is a highly modest, romantic and even bohemian artist who likes to read, sketch portraits or model new modern decorations and statues in clay during her free time.