Jelena Ogolski

Jelena Ogolski

Since she was a little girl, she used to pick crayons and draw. She loved painting flowers and nature the most. Since early childhood she was brought up only by her mum who was often struggling with unmerciful fate.
She used to run away from this hard life to her own world – world of art. The door to the land of her inspiration was her pictures and child's imagination.
Her childhood was not easy but it was full of love given to her by her mum and later also by a little tomcat who was her friend.
Later she graduated from art school and now makes a living as a successful designer. She cooperates with significant international companies. She designs jewellery, interior decorations and textile appliqués with Russian motifs.
The hard childhood she had to go through and the gentleness she has in her soul make her work into unique art.