Jitka Ryšavá

Jitka Ryšavá

Jitka Ryšavá, the talented designer, connected her artistic career with Preciosa, right after she finished her studies at the high school of arts in Turnov. At that time Preciosa was opening its new designer department and Jitka was recommended to Preciosa as a talented young artist.
The talented designer has been inspired by the beauty of natural stones since she was a child. Their gleam, colour, shape, variety. She was able to play with them for hours and imagined she would make beautiful jewellery from them one day.
The offer from Preciosa seemed as her childhood dream come true. Since then she has been designing jewellery made of cut stones of Bohemia Crystal. By cutting and polishing, Jitka's hands give the stone amazing brilliance, shine and sparkle that enchant women all over the world just like Jitka used to be enchanted by the natural ones once.
And what is Jitka Ryšavá's motto?
"The world can be fascinating. The important thing is not to be scared to spread your wings."