Pavla Linková

Pavla Linková

As a young girl, Pavla used to follow with excitement each stroke of a brush of her uncle, an amateur painter, who later became her tutor. In her paintings she strives to capture every detail and learn about the beauty of various painting techniques. She doesn't have a favourite technique as she likes something else about each of them. She uses oil to paint sceneries, pencil to draw people and pen to draw still life.
He grandmother worked for Preciosa for over 40 years and so this talented designer was only a child when she learned about the inexhaustible amount of sparkling jewellery, stones and pearls that she fell in love with. She appreciates Preciosa for the complex design solutions that let her creativity shine and allow finishing everything to the minutest detail.
She doesn't know the word "impossible", she always looks for ways to handle it. She participated in prestigious competitions, such as ARTISPICTUS Praha 2012, where she came in the first ten of 50 participants and also in the exhibition of 100% glass in Prague in 2012.
Her dream is the realization of a clock she has designed. It is her own design of a unique mural clock with a face in front of the hands.