Veronika Součková

Veronika Součková

She started her career already during elementary school when she attended extra art lessons. Her childhood hobby grew into a true passion that helped her pass demanding admission proceedings at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Turnov where she studied artistic processing of metals and precious stones.

Veronika worked with Liběna Rochová, a distinguished Czech fashion designer, for whom she prepared an extravagant jewelry collection.

Another success came with the internationally copyrighted design of an extraordinary stone called Livia that was named in 2005 during a gala ceremony held under the auspices of Czech First Lady Livia Klausová.

The greatest inspiration in Veronika’s life has been Salvator Dali. She admires his original sense of art perception and is fascinated with his complex view of the world and with the dramatic atmosphere of his works. It was Salvator Dali who indirectly made her see glass stones in a new light and search for new methods of their processing that have never been tried by anybody else.

The pursuit of new ways has become the source of her creativity and originality.